Form I
Form of applicantion for permission for exhibiting advertisement

1. Name of the applicant in full
(in block letters)
2. Address of the applicant :
3. Nature of advertisement
sketch and/or photograph
  Non-illuminated skysign,
  Sky-sign, hoardings board,
  Posters, Wall paintings,
  Illuminated Show Case,
  Motor Cars, Motor car illuminated,
  Hand carts, bullock carts,
  Sandwich Board illuminated.
4. Exact location of the site
where the advertisement is to
be exhibited with sketch plan.              :
5. Dimensions of the advertisement Length______________________breath __________________
  (in metric units)                          Area __________________________________.
6. The subject matter of the advertisement :
7. Please state the ownership of the premises, i.e. whether private municipal,
government, railway and produce"No Objection Certificate"
from the landlord concerned.                 :
8. The date, from which the advertisement is to be exhibited and
the period for which the permission is applied for :
       Date :_____________________20

  Signature of the applicant
To be scored of which is not required,

Serial No.__________________
Received application on ____________________________________________________________________
Please call on_____________________________________for further information.
CHIEF OFFICER                                 
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