(Please see Bye-laws No.3 of Trade & Occupation Bye-laws 1989)

1. Full Name of the applicant
(Block letter)
2. Address of Correspondence
3. Name & Style of Trade
4. Relation of applicant with entity
functionary under the name & Style
5. Authority of the applicant to seek permission from
the entity support with due documents if any.
6. In case of liable action under any Section
against whom proceeding should be taken.
  (Indicate name and address of the person with his
written consent in the form
accepted to the Chief Officer)
7. Decription of the Trade Business premises
(Location house No. Ward No. name of the street,
area plot, area administration/
building prescribed given on drawing)
8. Occupancy certificate, NOC of owner
on non-Judicial stamp paper duly executed
before Executive Magistrate or Notary.
9. House tax payment receipt for current year
a) Indicate type of business
b) Process of manufacturing in brief
10. Indicate the mode of consumption of smoke/and
other pollution/disposal of drain water
11. Whether premises are fenced and guarded, if not
what measures are taken to prevent danger
if any likely to be carried out to the
public or trespassers or nearby resident.>
12. Whether permission or licence has been granted
by any other authority such as Chief Inspector
of Factories Industries Department,
Excise-Department and the nature of such Licence.
13. No. of employees appointed.  
The above information given to me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.
Dated: (Signature and name)

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