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1. I want to start come trade to obtain licence what have I to do?
Ans: You have to apply in prescribed form (Annexure VI) alongwith the following documents.
  1. N.O.C. of the owner of the property/ lease agreement
    (In case the applicant is other than the owner)
  2. Certificate of Health Officer in case trade is connected with food articles.
  3. N.O.C from Fire and Emergency Services wherever applicable ( )
    On receiving your application the field staff of the Council inspect the premises and submit the report of feasibility of trade. Thereafter your application will be decided by the Chief Officer within 15 days.
2. What have I to do to renewal of my trade license?
Ans: You are requested to produce original trade license alongwith last payment receipt/advertisement receipt /rent receipt in case of Municipal Premises/house tax receipt etc. Thereafter payment will be accepted, receipt issued and license will be returned duly renewed after 4 days.


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